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Re: record company riskings something, my ass

Tom Attix wrote:

> Well, if you print 10,000 CD's and none of them sell. That would be a 
> I believe.

Why would they print 10,000 CDs of a band whose sales performance is 
And How much of that cost would they try to recoup from the band?

> Your "if they sign the right band" statement indicates to me that
> you have probably never been involved in any high-risk investment
> situations.

I don't plan to either, unless it's on a thursday night poker game and I 
have an
inside straight.

Don't get me started on the whole high risk investment thing either.  To 
put it
simply, I have skills, and can produce things that are either worthwhile, 
or at
least desired.  I have no desire to join a parasitic class of money 
handlers who
contribute little to the enconomy, risk money they borroowed from me (and 
gamble with it, lose it (but keep their commision), which we then have the
pleasure of paying back.  Doesn't seem like such a gamble to me.  Only the
middle class gambles.  After all, they can only play with their own money.
Michael Milliken anyone?  S&L crisis?

> People who have money aren't likely to let go of it unless
> there's a more than reasonable chance that they will at least get it back
> and preferably with interest. That's why they have money in the first 

Finance is a skill, like any other.  Efficency is a good thing, waste is 
one should invest one's money wisely, etc., etc., etc.  But I would sooner
borrow money from a loan shark to start my own record label than sign with 
of your high risk investors.  The loan shark has more integrity.

And who are these record company people?
Well, other than the top execs, a lot of them are ex-musicians
(especially A&R people)! It seems we're a bunch of selfhaters...

Hey! I have friends who do A&R.  'Course, they are both musicians....