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Re: Major Label Deals, the downside (no looping content)

Im not assuming to know what weil meant, but i say - Know for sure if the 
is the game you wanna play, If so then Change the rules of the game and 
just exacltly what it is your game is gonna be !!

Jeeesh !!! too much emphasis on the "old dirty and rotten scoundrels" of 
music biz slant...Yawn, big zzzzzzzzzzzz & so what ???

Commisuration means nothing other than sharing the air it takes to 
complain or
rant bout somethin, ya know ??? Actions and or solid business planning are 
as essential as any practice or knowledge of theory or performance 
dynamics and
technical prowess.

I've always argued you need to have the business side down 1st b4 u can 
begin to think of having anything resembling a career in da bizness. Its 
rocket science to figure out the Biz ( Its a rude but quite necessary 
) and it aint gonna hurt ya to have it clear in your mind or moreover in 
minds of the folk you'd be interacting with day in and out as a band or 
as to what the plans and means of operations and support are gonna flow 
like in
effect for long term and short term goals/financial/career planning. God i
sound like a career counselor here...

Dont ya think its more appropriate and valuable to think along the lines 
of how
do you proceed as a dedicated musician artist or whatever label you choose 
hang on yourself knowing that the world is never gonna make things easy 
for you
as opposed to the ranting diatribes directed at how integrity must 

Integreity always comes in many flavors, shapes and sizes but its truly
authentic and admirable when its put into action beyond speculation and 
inflated verbiage.

Accept it as a given that things aint gonna move your way unless u adapt 
to or
change the rules of a volatile market u didnt create or cant even win in 
on its
own terms.

Otherwise, the best alternative I'd recommend is that a person stay in
annonymity and be happy to do what ya do when ya  have moments free and the
inspiration to boot. It is rewarding and no less noble than having your 
of things on an idie or major label.

Doesn't it make more sense to focus your energies into alternatives or
cooptization of circumstances, competition and or financing, business 
& distribution ???

Doing homework on other companies or potential partners is mega essential (
getting credit ratings/D&B reports, Tax ID#'s client references, etc.) are
things that can help folk connect with partners that will perhaps 
the direction ya want and need for your career to take off beyond the
neighborhood cafe or PC.

Why hasnt anyone other than 1 person ( Leo, I think ) presented ideas that
relate to how u can get your groove on while still swimming wid da sharks 

With all the technophobes here Im surprised that no one has addressed these
issues with a tech savvy solution.

I recently thought back to an article I read a while back in hotwired that
brian wilson realeased his new album to select radio stations by using 
audio and having the stations burn their own CD's...My memory is sketchy 
all the details and im sure there are legitimate questions about piracy and
royalty tracking in this procedure but it fascinated me and got me thinking
about realistic alternatives to the packaging and distribution dilemas ive 
caught up in & around in the past.

Last, there are no gurantees in anything creative, Theres lots of BS 
People who
speak in forked tongues and deal in dirty or stolen currencies. Al in all 
biz is just a # of exchanges of energy that are going to either help you,
hinder you, crush you or maybe enlighten you to either the yin or yang of


Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:

> > Bertholdt Brecht, Kurt Weill and Walter Benjamin have described what 
> > really about in their writings.
> >
> Nutshell please?
> > Defining the problem as these big
> > companies or this poor hit or poor me, the big guys are going to screw
> > everyone over, is not the issue.  If you did know what it was, I 
> > this thread would've ended long ago.
> >
> Ellucidate
> >
> >
> >
> >