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RE: Major Label Deals, the downside (no looping content)

John Price and Matthew Hahn

Actually I have no problems with anything that you have to say. In fact, I
believe that it says, in a more analytical way, what I was attempting (and 
realize my shortcomings on this) to say in a more or less anecdotal way.
(Part of the anecdote was to try and give some insight into how some of the
money things might work . . . where some of it goes, etc.) 

Just trying to give support to the idea of DIY, I think that one WILL be
happier doing that. (IMHO)

Since my experience, I have opted to do exactly as you have proposed  . . .
in fact I realized that this was going to be my path towards the end of my
little trip through the business world. I'm doing what I want to on (pretty
much) my own terms.

Again, I have a lot of respect for those who can figure out how to deal 
creativity and the "major" business end. I certainly couldn't. 

Technophiles, not technophobes.

Still would like to know what Weill et al say on the matter.