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Re: [2998] Major Lapel Decals... >>> Loop-Philes INDEED!

     Give us more of that Weill, Castaneda and Alan Watts... Forget the 
     bizz and remember your original search for the big loop! Don't forget 
     to fuzz and distort it Yoda!
     I did my bit with the "industry" as well and, almost from the 
     beginning, it was not for me. It's funny how far you can be dragged 
     along by your friends and colluders! 8-> 
     I've since limited myself to self-initiated solo stuff as well as 
     hit and run improv situations and what a difference. I feel like I 
     actually sound like myself!!!. Now I'm just going to try to do more 
     *that* to extend my horizons.

Subject: RE: Major Label Deals, the downside (no looping content)
Author:  "Liebig; Steuart A." <LiebigSA@Maritz.com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/29/98 5:24 PM

...I'm doing what I want to on (pretty much) my own terms.

Again, I have a lot of respect for those who can figure out how to deal 
creativity and the "major" business end. I certainly couldn't. 

Technophiles, not technophobes.

Still would like to know what Weill et al say on the matter.