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Independent aire or manner 2

I don't know how many of you know about this great little on line
distributor called Rioux's records. They have a great selection of the
various types of electronic music and good prices. And word just in is that
they now accept credit cards.

A nice person to buy music from and for all of us aspiring independents,
some one to work with who's not been jaded by the industry. E-mail Rioux's
for further information.

>Second update installment of independently released ambient
>(in one form or another).
>Each of these discs come recommended by us here...as well as the artists
>who have sent them to us.  Did I happen to mention that we can now accept
>Visa and Mastercard?
>RICHARD BONE - The Eternal Now CD (Quickworks Lab) $10.00
>        Most recently featured on the "the other world" comp. on
>        Hypnos, this is a recording from Bone that precedes that 
>        It effectively merges ambient's tranquil states with
>        a foreboding solemness that seems to delicately
>        drape these recordings.
>FINGERPAINT - Primary Colors : Blue CD (Fingerpaint Records) $10.00
>        Now Available from Fingerpaint Records is the long awaited first
>CD release
>        FingerPaint, Primary Colors: BLUE. Ths 72 minute release is the
>first of a
>        box set featuring FingerPaint's dark and dreamy aural
>interpretations of
>        Blue. FingerPaint continues to explore the edges of live looping
>        and textural improvisations, producing a music that is cinematic
>in scope.
>JEFF GREINKE - Places of Motility CD (Hypnos) $12.50
>         ...an  underground  ambient  classic  rediscovered  .  .  .
>        Places of Motility is Jeff Greinke's last remaining early LP to
>see release
>        on compact disc.  This "special edition" re-release was digitally
>        remastered by Mike Griffin and Jeff Greinke, and in addition to
>the twelve
>        tracks from the original LP, includes three otherwise-unavailable
>        "Travelling Secrets,"  "The Well,"  and the never-released 
>        This project, originally released in 1987 by Dossier, contains
>elements of
>        all of Greinke's early styles - from spacious and highly visual
>        to daring sonic experimentation, to looped rhythmic elements - and
>        them into a coherent whole.  This will appeal to fans of styles as
>        varied as ambient, film music, and experimental.
>SONIOS - 200 Fonios CD (nimboestatic nim802cd) $10.00
>        This fine second release by nimboestatic, by Ensenada band
>        SONIOS, is a mix of dreampop, latinesque jazz and ambient
>        soundscapes.  The sleeping beauty of the Pacific awakens.
>V/A - VOYAGER - vibration visitations from an ambient species
>        CD (Adastra 9701) $10.00
>        "Voyager takes the listener on a journey through some of the
>        fertile landscpaes of today's ambient / atmospheric / 
>experimental /
>        electronic music.  Each artist involved was free to aurall paint
>        a picture of their world and the sounds that inhabit it, the idea
>        being to put these pieces together in a format which showcases the
>        expansiveness of ambient music today.  Pensive and harrowing at
>        times, beautiful and ethereal at others, Voyager is a journey
>        from darkness to light, and all the wild gradients within."
>        Contributors include Saul Stokes, Viridian Sun, Falling You,
>        Life Garden, Exit, Lycia, Ambient Temple of Imagination, etc.
>Ordering info. --
>Drop me an e-mail <riouxs@aol.com> or call (330) 305-9447
>and leave a message, or write to us at the address below
>with the titles that you want.  We'll hold your titles for
>3 weeks and if at the end of 3 weeks we hear nothing from you
>the discs are returned to the public forum.
>Shipping and handling (in the U.S. and territories) :
>                1st class               4th class special
>1 cd            $1.25                   $1.25
>2 cd            $2.25                   $1.25
>3 cd            $3.00                   $1.25
>4 cd            $3.00                   $1.75
>5 cd            $3.00                   $1.75
>For the following countries:  Austria, Belgium, Denmark,
>Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland,
>Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,
>Spain, Sweden, Switzerland; these shipping rates apply:
>                Air Mail Priority
>1 cd            $3.00
>2 cds           $4.00
>3 - 10 cds      $7.00
>For these countries :
>Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South 
>Taiwan, Thialand, & Vietnam; these shipping rates apply:
>                Air Mail Priority
>1 cd            $4.00
>2 cds           $5.00
>3 - 10 cds      $9.50
>Canadian and Mexican residents :
>                Air Mail
>1 cd            $1.75
>2 cds           $2.50
>3 cds           $4.00
>4 cds           $5.00
>5 - 10 cds      $7.00 (Canada Only)
>All other countries : please write for specific shipping amounts.
>In the U.S. and Canada :
>Enclose check or money order made out to RIOUX'S RECORDS.  We will accept
>but make sure that it is *well* concealed.
>International :
>International money orders, checks drawn on u.s. funds, and cash (again, 
>concealed) is acceptable.  NOW ACCEPTING VISA / MASTERCARD.
>Credit Card orders :
>Please call your information in to us (330.305.9447) or e-mail the info.
>(card # and exp. date) broken into several messages.
>jason / loree / nate
>Rioux's Records
>P.O. Box 36503
>Canton, OH  44735-6503
>tel. (330) 305-9447

Now Available:
FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE