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Re: multiple amps/signals

I got around this problem by using a programmable tube preamp/multieffects 
(Digitech 2120)  It really gives a huge amount of flexibility, letting me 
feed tube
distorted signal from my guitar into my JamMan, and clean GR-30 signal in 
as well. (or
visa versa)  What's the catch?  It's not really as good as going into 
totally seperate
dedicated amps, but I do think it's pretty damn good, and definitely worth 
compromise for the flexibility.  However, knowing that the Repeater will 
have an
output for each loop channel (4) it makes it all moot.  I could use one 
channel for
bass, two channels for stereo guitar, and one for synth, each finding 
their own custom
preamp/amp/cab destination.  Sweet?  Boy howdy!


Nick Schillace wrote:

> >From: "Mike Feeney" <feeneymike@yahoo.com>
> >Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> >To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> >Subject: Re: multiple amps/signals
> >Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 14:09:22 -0500
> >
> >
> >i've been coming up against the same hurdle here... I am building a
> >pedalboard with the boomerang as my looper along with some other 
> >I
> >have an acoustic guitar and also an electric.  I want to have both 
> >plugged into the rig at the same time, but of course have the ability to
> >switch from one to the other when I want, so that I can loop both 
> >My only problem is that when I'm playing the acoustic I want the signal 
> >go to the PA, but when I'm playing electric, I want the signal to run 
>to my
> >amp (just got a new Fender Hot Rod DeVille!).  Any advice on how to 
> >the signal??  Probably just going to use an A/B switch for the inputs, 
> >I'm not yet sure how to handle the output, unless I just use a 2nd A/B
> >switch.  But then that could be awkward, I think, to have to hit two
> >different switches to change guitars.  Not sure.
> >
> >The 2nd hurdle is that I'm thinking I'd have to use two different 
> >in
> >order to loop the acoustic guitar and have it continue to run through 
> >PA
> >if I wanted to use both instruments in the same song.  Any other ideas?
> Mike-
>         I figured that this would be a common theme with different 
>problems. I
> think they both center around using the boomerang in 2 different, but 
> situations.
>         I have been running a small pedal board that splits my signal 
>before the
> rang but after effects. I use an a/b to control the signals which only
> differ by the rang. The looped signal goes to an old super reverb, and 
> other to a newer concert. I have a volume pedal that I turn down when I 
> and uplug guitars.
>         My problem is that the electrix products I just got really need 
>to go
> through an effects loop, which only the concert has. I know it seems 
> to just loop on the concert, but loops sound better out of the super.
> Anyway, I think that there is a rather complex way to route using many
> cables and the aux on the rang, but it makes my head hurt just thinking
> about it. I would imagine that there are good switching systems out there
> that some loopers might know about.
>         Boss makes a good and very flexible line selecter for a hundred 
>bucks that
> can also power other pedals. This might help you with your problem. I
> checked it out on rolandus.com yesterday.
> N
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