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Re: Call for NYC Loopfeste

Steve Sandberg wrote:

> OK guys -- this LA loopfeste sounds great -- wish I had been there.
> Is there a tape or CD or online file or something so we
> non-westcoasters can check it out?

Tony Moore (the organizer) recorded each set to MiniDisc, so it's
definitely documented.  I don't know what Ric and Steve's plans are
for their own sets, but Tony has kindly offered to transfer my set to
DAT for me (I don't have a MiniDisc player).  Once I've got that, I'll
likely have the material uploaded to my web site as RealAudio and/or
mp3 within a couple of weeks, and there's also a good chance I'll be
offering at least some of the material on a custom-burned CD-R basis,
which I've been meaning to launch for a while now.

> But more importantly, why don't we NYC loopers get together and do
> an evening to share our work with each other?  Any interest?

Do it!  It's been incredibly gratifying for me to take all of this
online discussion and see it translated into real-time, tangible,
face-to-face playing and interaction.  Highly, highly recommended.

--Andre LaFosse