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Re: Pedal boards

I outgrew a briefcase, then used a padded keyboard gig bag for several
years, but recently went to a two-tiered velcroed board that fits in a
carpeted road case that's just about exactly the size of a Rhodes 73. There
are two power supplies and a couple of odd wall warts underneath the left
side tier, while the top deck on the right side un-velcro's and fits into
the back of my rack. The top tier on the right is shallower than the one on
the left to allow for volume pedals in front of it on the bottom deck. The
pedals all have the 'hook' part of the velcro on the bottom, which sticks
nicely to the carpeted board, and allows for quick repositioning.

Stig's right though, it's too damned big.


At 06:33 PM 7/3/01 -0400, Peter wrote:
>I used to use an old briefcase (standard business size) like that.  It
>worked, but I only had 3 pedals so space wasn't really an issue.  The
>keyboard case is a great idea.  Anyone?