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pedal board velcro stuff

    Hey again!

    Alrighty, I have built my pedal board and case!  It works far better
than I could have hoped for (I recruited a good friend of mine who I knew
could help with the actual construction and would do a much more accurate
job than I could).  It's a wide 3/4" plywood board with clasps on the side,
with basically a matching box with 1 open side that just sits on top of it
and latches to it for carrying and pedal protection.  Not bad!!

    Two questions though:

    One:  Where could I find that heavy rough fabric that is often used to
cover speaker cabinets and other such things so that I could cover the 

    Two:  Where could I find a large piece of that velcro backing that
pre-manufactured pedal boards come with?  I picked up several packs of
industrial strength velcro strips that support the weight of my individual
pedals / boxes, but I think for ease of pedal placement (and RE-placement)
I'll want to cover the entire board with that stuff so that I can place the
pedals anywhere I want (and be able to later change my mind.  ;)

    Um, I guess that's it for now.  You've helped me immensely, by the way,
in my newbie forays into a lot of things, and I really dig this list as a
result.  =-)


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