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Re: pedal board velcro stuff

At 12:32 PM 7/8/01 -0500, you wrote:
>    One:  Where could I find that heavy rough fabric that is often used to
>cover speaker cabinets and other such things so that I could cover the 

WalMart. Automotive department near the floor mats 'n stuff. It comes in a
3' x 6' piece rolled up in plastic for about $8. I've used used the 'real'
speaker carpet (it came in a 50' roll from a carpet and textile warehouse)
and this stuff is virtually identical; it's actually preferable because
velcro sticks to it better. You can get it in black, gray, blue or tan. Cut
it to size, then use spray adhesive and heavy duty staples to apply it.

>    Two:  Where could I find a large piece of that velcro backing that
>pre-manufactured pedal boards come with?

At a hardware store.

>I'll want to cover the entire board with that stuff so that I can place 
>pedals anywhere I want (and be able to later change my mind.

It's easier to cover the pedalboard's surface with the same carpet you're
using on the case, then apply the 'hook' part of the velcro to your pedals.
They stick to the carpet just the same way as they'd stick to the 'loop'
part of the velcro.