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Re: Klein questions for klein, and guitar players

A word on the wait for a Klein:  the 10 month wait from Lorenzo might be
optimistic.  I was told 6 and it has now been 13--the latest is it should 
done in August.  Lorenzo has had some health problems that put him way
behind schedule, though things might be back to normal at this point.

I have played a Klein quite a bit recently, and the one-piece solid 
neck is unlike anything else I've played, wood or composite (and better).  
think it has a lot to do with the quality of the instrument.  It's a
remarkable guitar, and for me it's worth waiting for.

I sometimes wish I'd pounced on a couple of used Kleins that turned up over
the year, but I never wish I'd got something from Ed Roman.

my tuppence...

Bruce Comens