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Re: Digitech Wh-1 question

--- John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com> wrote:
> If memory serves, on the original Whammy pedal
> Digitech
> used techno goodies under license from IVL. If IVL
> sounds familiar, it's because their techno goodies
> will also be in the Repeater. The Whammy pedals that
> came after the original one used Digitech's own
> techno(notso)goodies, which most folks didn't think
> sounded as good.
> John

Actually the 2nd version (black one) also uses IVL
chip, I know this īcause a friend has one and the
other day I opened it to glue again its CHEAP plastic
sides, I have an original one and I found that
actually the black one tracks better when using the
"octave down" preset, actually I found the black one a
little more "cleaner" sounding but is that harsh sound
and sometimes erratic pitch tracking that gives the
1st (red) version a special "analog" vibe PLUS its
construction is the best one of all the versions, it
is a really solid pedal, you might try the new reissue
version that has MIDI, havenīt tried it yet but looks
solid too.

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