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Re: Klein questions for klein, and guitar players

I would like to say that The Klein is defiantly worth the wait for more than
one reason...the two biggest being the quality and the service.

I believe I've said this before on LD but I would like to say again what a
great guy Lorenzo is to work with.  My latest dealings with him were a month
or so ago.  I had inquired about having a new neck installed and some
electronic work done.  He called back shortly after.  First off, he talked me
out of the neck I was considering.  They do still carry this particular neck
and have it available if needed but Lorenzo told me that more than a few
musicians had been unhappy with them and that I should probably think twice
about that decision.  -this, by the way, would obviously cost him money but
he seems to have the best interests of his customers in mind.

Also, during the same call, he brought up the fact that he had modified the
routing of the Kleins under the pickguard and that the new instruments sound
a lot more 'lively'.  He then said that if I wanted to, I should send him my
instrument and he would do the routing for free because as he puts it..."it
should've been done like that all along!"  More money out of his pocket in
his efforts to please his customers.

I believe that ten months is not too long a time to wait for an instrument
you'll probably cherish for years and years to come!   -Todd