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Re: PEDAL BOARDS and an OT Velcro glue substitute request

John McIntyre wrote:
> OK, I use the self-adhesive velcro all the time.  Not just for my pedal 
> but for household repairs as well.
> And I keep running into the same problem: the velcro - velcro bond is 
> than the bond between the adhesive and whatever I'm trying to mount the 
> on.  The result is that when I try to remove the top item, the velcro 
> bonded together, and the lower layer of velcro is pulled off whatever it 
> mounted on.
> Any suggestions?

I use velcro in my racks and glue them with "contact glue" I'm sorry
thats the name translated from french its the type of glue where you
apply on both sides then let dry untill complete "touch dry" usually
10mn then press strongly once for all
it is a rubber glue that can be found in different strenght go for the
strong one 

It is important for any gluing to de-grease both parts with alcool or

hope this helps