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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

on 7/10/01 5:04 PM, James Pokorny at j.pokorny@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Great scenario!  I can hear the looping tumbleweed and the lonesome wind
> whistling past the saloon . . .  but everyone knows Bartender Kim prefers
> Scotch  :-)

Yeah, the old timers here ought to know Kim likes "Scotch" but all whiskey
drinkers ought to know that "Scotch" is American slang for "Scottish
Whiskey".  We should also know that Scottish and Irish whiskey are made 
barley whereas the stuff from Kentucky and Tennessee is made from corn.
Further, it is sacrilege to pour Scottish or Irish whiskey over ice, 
iced is about the only way to get the American stuff down.

(Bushmill McAllan to you, pardner.)