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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

At 6:07 PM -0700 7/10/01, Allan Hoeltje wrote:
>on 7/10/01 5:04 PM, James Pokorny at j.pokorny@worldnet.att.net wrote:
>> Great scenario!  I can hear the looping tumbleweed and the lonesome wind
>> whistling past the saloon . . .  but everyone knows Bartender Kim 
>> Scotch  :-)

thanks for correcting that James! Drinking the profits, right you are.

>Yeah, the old timers here ought to know Kim likes "Scotch" but all whiskey
>drinkers ought to know that "Scotch" is American slang for "Scottish
>Whiskey".  We should also know that Scottish and Irish whiskey are made 
>barley whereas the stuff from Kentucky and Tennessee is made from corn.
>Further, it is sacrilege to pour Scottish or Irish whiskey over ice, 
>iced is about the only way to get the American stuff down.

well, I certainly never have ice in my scotch. However, I have been known
to enjoy a good southern bourbon now and then. With the good small batch
stuff, it's gotta be neat too! Unless it's in a mint julep, of course. Try
Knob Creek.

By the way, since my "make a donation to looper's delight" appears to be a
total failure as a means to make the site pay for itself, I'm starting a
new plan. I'm calling it DrinkPal. If you like Looper's Delight, send me a
bottle of Scotch. (single malts only, please.) This should make running
this place far more bearable.


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