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non-loop: whisk(e)y

hi all ..

(quick non-loop reply ..)

Stephen wrote:
> I've come to wonder that it was this and
> not just a spelling error that made the difference
> between "whiskey" and "whisky".

as I understand it "whiskey" is the local stuff (for me, in Ireland), the
"whisky" spelling is favoured by our neighbours in Scotland.

I got an interesting book on a visit to a Scottish distillery last year
which explains it all, but I haven't got it to hand. It was the Tomatin
distillery, and if you come across their single malt or "Antiquary" blended
try it out .. you can actually drink it neat without making The Whisky
Face! That Face is now reserved for Raki ..

Anyway .. that's the non-loop quota reached for me ..

- jm