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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

i have found this list and the loopers-delight site 
to be more usefull than many books, programs, etc.
that i paid quite a bit for...
i hope i'm not the only one who thinks so.
come on guys,
many of you list audio gear that cost you $1000's.
chip in a bit to help out 'whiskey' kim....

> By the way, since my "make a donation to looper's delight" appears to be 
> total failure as a means to make the site pay for itself, I'm starting a
> new plan. I'm calling it DrinkPal. If you like Looper's Delight, send me 
> bottle of Scotch. (single malts only, please.) This should make running
> this place far more bearable.
> kim
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> Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
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