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OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

mlameyer@rcn.com writes:
>How would you characterize the
>primary differences (in terms of application and performance
>dynamics, etc)  between this approach to feedback generation and
>something like the sustainiac? 
i wouldn't.
no, it's nothing like a 'sustainer' --- that doesn't really interest me.
i use microphones for *feedback*, directly thru the 'guitar' rig.
#1 mic is a saltshaker: a peculiarly focussed set of 'tones'.
#2 (new one, for me, on the tesla) sounds like an old tele-pickup, 

>Or links with more info?
rather try it, or listen to music that uses this kinda stuff.
dt / s-c