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OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

Forsooth!  I've never used a sustainiac or a stealth plus, but I
thought I recalled reading a ways back that the magnetically
induced sustain could also be used to generate controllable
feedback, and it was in that context that I queried.  Verily.

Anywho, this is utterly fascinating to me.  I wasn't aware that
guitar mounted microphones (as opposed to pickups) were being
used for these purposes, although it makes sense.

I did a number of searches on the web and waded through a slew
of pages describing the importance of eliminating feedback in
microphones, but no luck turning up any evidence of the
equipment you describe.

Can anyone point to any links that may have more info on this?

As far as listening to artists who use this stuff, I'd love to!
Offhand, I'm not aware of any who I know use feedback
microphones on their guitar (apart from yourself, obviously),
and I suspect the ones who do, may neglect to mention this in
the album credits.  Can anyone recommend any?



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From: <Hedewa7@aol.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 11:41 PM
Subject: OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

> mlameyer@rcn.com writes:
> >How would you characterize the
> >primary differences (in terms of application and performance
> >dynamics, etc)  between this approach to feedback generation
> >something like the sustainiac?
> i wouldn't.
> (smirks)
> no, it's nothing like a 'sustainer' --- that doesn't really
interest me.
> i use microphones for *feedback*, directly thru the 'guitar'
> #1 mic is a saltshaker: a peculiarly focussed set of 'tones'.
> #2 (new one, for me, on the tesla) sounds like an old
tele-pickup, squealing.
> >Or links with more info?
> rather try it, or listen to music that uses this kinda stuff.
> best,
> dt / s-c