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Re: Bleen here before

i have a vortex and a kyma.
i would be interested in emulating this effect as well,
but i'm new to the kyma.  if you hook me up with your
sound, i'll compare it to the original.

off the top of my head, i'm thinking bleenb is
a pitch shifter detune into a tapped delay with the 
delay feedback going through an amplitude modulator.

i can also dig up the vortex manual if you need...

> Ok so far I've found out the following:-
> 'Bleen B is an echo diving into ring modulation '
> and
> 'Bleen, a ring modulator that decays into tremelo'
> Is it either/both/neither ?
> I'm interested in emulating the effect using Kyma so I need to understand
> what's going on here.
> Thanks,
> Gareth