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Re: Bleen there, done that - got the T shirt

Good man Bret,
Thanks - sounds cool.

> You should get a vortex manual which describes each patch, describes
> the varable parameters, and shows a block diagram of the patch.  
> There are 2 bleens - Bleen A, and Bleen B.
> Brief descriptions Per the manual (pages 54, 55)
> 15 Bleen A
> Bleen A has a stereo resonator feeding a stereo amplitude modulator,
> which is, in turn sent to both the outputs and the inputs of a cascaded
> echo.  The output of the cascaded echoes is sent to an auto-panner
> before it too is sent to the outputs.
> 15 Bleen B
> Bleen B is configured as two parallel effects.  One has stereo envelope
> detune, and the other has a unique echo configuration with feedback AM.
> You really need to see the diagrams to emulate the patch.  Email me
> privately if you want me to scan them and email the pages to you.
> >