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Bleen there, dlone that

You should get a vortex manual which describes each patch, describes
the varable parameters, and shows a block diagram of the patch.  

There are 2 bleens - Bleen A, and Bleen B.

Brief descriptions Per the manual (pages 54, 55)
15 Bleen A
Bleen A has a stereo resonator feeding a stereo amplitude modulator,
which is, in turn sent to both the outputs and the inputs of a cascaded
echo.  The output of the cascaded echoes is sent to an auto-panner
before it too is sent to the outputs.
15 Bleen B
Bleen B is configured as two parallel effects.  One has stereo envelope
detune, and the other has a unique echo configuration with feedback AM.

You really need to see the diagrams to emulate the patch.  Email me
privately if you want me to scan them and email the pages to you.
--- whiteoakstudios <whiteoakstudios@supanet.com> wrote:
> Ok so far I've found out the following:-
> 'Bleen B is an echo diving into ring modulation '
> and
> 'Bleen, a ring modulator that decays into tremelo'
> Is it either/both/neither ?
> I'm interested in emulating the effect using Kyma so I need to
> understand
> what's going on here.
> Thanks,
> Gareth
> >
> > bleen is a 'morphing'-preset on lexicon's vortex, a 1-rack-space
> delay(&
> > modulation)-based processor, no longer produced.
> > dt / s-c
> >

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