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The melodica solo in the San Jose Museum of Art Bass Looping show

glenn wrote:
"AMAZING!!!!!  When  you played the acoustics of the cafe after that mic
out!!! People were laughing strictly in wonder at how you'd turned that
around and how great it sounded with the piece."

and Tim asked:
"I'd like to hear more about this! What happened Rick?"

    Actually, I had trouble earlier with my microphone going out but, in
this instance,  Michael and Steve started a beautiful melodic improvisation
and I picked up my melodica and walked out of the room with it into the
large, high ceilinged coffee shop which was adjacent (sp?) to the concert
room at the San Jose Museum of Art.  The reason I left was literally to
quickly figure out what scale
Michael and Steve were in.  As soon as I had it figured out, I noticed that
the room had a beautiful long natural reverb in it so I started playing my
melodica solo very loudly in the outside room.   The sound, amplified by 
natural long reverb of the room drifted back in and I slowly strolled back
in playing loudly and acoustically (because the basses were amplified).   I
had a kind of a parisian musette melancholy vibe going on and the
juxtaposition of the unamplified melodica and the exquisite two fretless
basses was very evocative.    It was a really magical moment for me and the
highlight, emotionally, of the whole tour.

There were times with these brilliant musicians where I felt that I had 
and gone to heaven.  I'm very greatful to have had the chance to play with
awesome talents of Steve Lawson, Michael Manring and Max Valentino and felt
very sad that the tour was over today.

The good news is that Si Moorhead and the folks at Imprint Audio are busily
working on the tapes of the last three shows and Bob Cain is also working 
editing his proprietary binaural recordings of all five shows.  Everything
that I've heard so far sounds fabulous and I can highly recommend your
contacting these brilliant and service oriented folks if you folks have any
mobile recording needs to be met.  Just write me and I"ll connect you.

thanks for asking Tim.   Yours,  Rick