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RE: OT: bass processing

>Won't hurt the Microsynth, just don't expect it to track all that well. 
>bass model barely tracks the b string. Still sounds ultra cool, though...
>** further off topic . . .

Hey, if talking about trans-trems is allowable (sounds suspiciously like
some sort of code for a fetish in the "other" category of the personals
classifieds if you ask me, "SWM trans-trem, seeks..."), a bit of bass gear
blab should be fine...
>i'm wondering about the eh ms. how good is the fuzz? dave, you say the
>tracking isn't so good on the b string, does that mean it does on the e?
>most seem to have a problem on anything lower than a c on the a string.

Well, this is based on borrowing one with intent to purchase about a year
ago, so I'm not an expert on the MS in any significant way. But it seemed
that using the synth feature, it had a glitch on the attack of every note,
and the length of the glitch got longer the lower you played. Was pretty
unuseable on the e-string, less so on the b. The fuzz was unique in a thin
and kind of reedy way, could see using it, but didn't feel it was an
essential sound. Likewise the filter. I basically decided that other stuff
I already had did what the MS could do better, and while it's a definitely
cool pedal, wasn't really worth the $ to me. YMMV.

By the way, I should point out to the original poster on this thread that,
as far as I know, there isn't any guitar pedal that can be damaged by
plugging a bass into it. It's an urban legend, probably spread by Guitar
Center sales droids to steer unsuspecting bassists to the more expensive
bass-specific FX.

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org
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