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re: requests for info

The post you replied to says nothing of DJ's.  That was in your reply.
I said Nothing about DJ's, it was more about attitudes. Just to be on 

Personally, I think DJ's have as much right to loop as a guitar player.
So, to me it is as valid to talk about as looping guitars, bass, drums, 
The last time a DJ topic came out, I found out there was music written for 
turntables.  That is COOL! If we can talk about Klien guitars and trems as 
much as we do, why not turntables? Optical faders hanging up? I have more 
than a passing interest in this area.  Let's have some new perspectives, 
DJ'ing is not old and dry, just the attitudes are. Note:  Not offended by 

Subject: Re: Requests for info
From: "Brian Parker" <bp33@hotmail.com>

I joined the LD mailing list to discuss looping. If i wanted an opinion on
weather dj's or their audiences think they're "DJ's" I would have gone else
where. R. Zvonar, if I appologize if i offended you, or anyone else. 
I do find that whole 'dj' topic a tad bit old and dry. All i want is new
perspectives on making phat loops from vinyl samples, and share what i 


>From: "Denis Aldrich" <joy_top@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Requests for info
>Person A: Request for info
>Person B: Tries to give helpful info
>Person A: Reads info, decides it isn't what he want, decides to dis 
>for it.
>However inapproprate person B's response is it was given to be helpful.
>Person A could of simply said it wasn't what he was looking for, rather 
>dissing over it.
>Sounds to me like a "short fuse"

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