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RE: What kinds of ReMixing are you doing in your live shows?

Being a beginner with the edp, I use it with my turntables to:

build up a beat for myself to scratch to.  I.e. Catch a bassline from a 
album (Let's say the opening bassline from Lee Morgan's Sidewinder), then
add a little hi-hat from a break beat record, throw in some Al Green "Jesus
is waiting" and then scratch on top of that for a few bars.  I then go into
an accapella moment, and bring it all back or switch it up to an entirely
different set of musical components.

Once I get tired of working with what I have built up, I undo a few
components of the sample and then use another couple of riffs to build it
back up.  It's infinitely modular, the hard part is finding musical pieces
that fit well together.

If I get tired of it all, I just use undo to decompose back down to zero 
begin again.

The challenge that I find here is making sure that I have my sets laid out
very tightly, as there isn't much room for error when you are trying to 
the beat going, catch a loop and then bring that same loop in as a
replacement to it's original source.  If I do goof and drop the ball, I
usually end up changing the mix around a bit, which is uncharted territory,
sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I extend the song that I am playing, by catching a phrase or break beat 
the edp, and scratch or remix that same phrase back into the mix.  I grab
the beat/chorus and work the vocals back in, trying to rework or reword
them.  Then I bring the original record back into the mix, let it run for a
few bars, grab a beat and work with that.

This is simple and is nowhere near full utilization of the edp, but I am a
beginner, hoping to get to a proficiency level that is acceptable.

I love having my edp for looping.  My original inspiration for getting one
was having a 5 second sample capability on my mixer (Korg Kaoss Pad on a
Numark EM-360 mixer), this merely whet my appetite for looping.  I started
looking for samplers, and figured, "Why not get the big daddy, the edp."


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From: Rick Walker (loop.pool) [mailto:GLOBAL@cruzio.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 2:16 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: What kinds of ReMixing are you doing in your live shows?

Hi guys,

I am just now decompressing from the Bass Looping Tour which was so
successful that I just can't get over it!!   I didn't have time to
even dig into my new Electrix processors that I picked up dirt cheap so I
can't wait to start learning them and incorporating them into
my rig.

One of the things that muliple instrument live looping affords us is the
ability to remix in real time.  I have not seen a lot of people doing this
very much (Miko is a notable exception) and am interested in others who are
fascinated by this distinct possibility.

Are you out there?  what the heck are you doing.  I'd love to correspond.

Yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)

P.S.  Max and I contributed a daily diary to the TALKBASS.com site if 
is interested in checking it out.  We would get back at 4 or 5 a.m. after a
hell of a lot of driving and playing and post, semi-deliriously before
hitting the hay.  I hope it reads well