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Re: What kinds of ReMixing are you doing in your live shows?

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am just now decompressing from the Bass Looping Tour which was so
> successful that I just can't get over it!!   I didn't have time to
> even dig into my new Electrix processors that I picked up dirt cheap so I
> can't wait to start learning them and incorporating them into
> my rig.
> One of the things that muliple instrument live looping affords us is the
> ability to remix in real time.  I have not seen a lot of people doing 
> very much (Miko is a notable exception) and am interested in others who 
> fascinated by this distinct possibility.
> Are you out there?  what the heck are you doing.  I'd love to correspond.
> Yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)
> P.S.  Max and I contributed a daily diary to the TALKBASS.com site if 
> is interested in checking it out.  We would get back at 4 or 5 a.m. 
>after a
> hell of a lot of driving and playing and post, semi-deliriously before
> hitting the hay.  I hope it reads well


i've been listening to the KPIG archive webcast, and i must say i'm totally
blown away by you guys! makes me very sorry to have missed the shows...i do
have a technical question for you rick: what gear did you have with you for
that interview? in particular, there were some really lovely tapped and/or
thrummed and reverberated tones in your piece (layed over the groovy 
gamelan-like bed), starting around 9:50 or so...did your signal go through
anything particularly exotic, or was that just your superlative 
& martini stick technique? oh, and what did you mix through?

rock on, maestros!

lance g.