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Re: The Dirt Cheap Electrix Gear...

I don't know about the one's everyone else is talking about, but one thing
you could have fun with is their vocoder to use one track to trigger/
percussively open and close a set of filters on another stream of sound 
roughly resemble the shape of the sound in those frequencies of the first.
That is my favorite vocoder effect, although you could pull this of with a
ring modulator or by "ducking" with a comperssor/limiter/gate, there's
nothing like vocoding. Think of the phil collins line "well i remembah..."
from "I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord" only with another
track(even something like a high hat part) affecting the synth sound 
of his words.

on 7/11/01 4:38 PM, Kevin Mulvihill at kmulvihill@mediaone.net wrote:

> These boxes are kinda cool, sure, but on the surface they don't seem like
> showstoppers for a looper. Can someone help? How are you planning to use
> these in a looping context? I'd be especially interested in hearing how 
> might use these boxes in a MIDI automation context...