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Re: Octophonic sound system

     Not meaning to rain on anyone's parade, I would be careful
investing too much energy or money into an octaphonic sound system. But
let me explain. 
     If you only would intend to use such a system for live performance
- then GREAT, by all means, go ahead. 
     As a recording medium, however, I would limit myself to either good
old stereo - or at most - a five channel surround system. 
      There is no use MIXING music for a format that 99.999999% of the
world's population CANNOT use. 
       In all reality, unless you listen to music sitting in the third
point of an equilateral triangle with two stereo speakers, you are still
better off listening to music in MONO. 
       Stereo is still the best medium because it is the medium most
people are able to LISTEN to music on in their homes or (marginally) in
their cars (because of the driver/passenger off axis position). 
       But if you MUST have more than stereo, many people ( Maybe a full
5% of the population ?) in this country are now able to listen to music
back on a five channel surround system. 
       With an eight channel system, you will probably have to provide
NOT just the music - but the playback system itself for people to hear
       The idea of a private language is absurd - and Music is not just
for the musician. Let's not limit our potential audience to a percentage
of the population equalling a fraction of 1% of a fraction of 1% of the

James Hines