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Re: The Dirt Cheap Electrix Gear...

Suite for microphone cord and warp factory:

This piece debuts tomorrow night as the attack 
section of the dragon hatching performance in
the center of the Draka benefit at 1015 folsom
in SF (I didn't mention that this is gig spam
disguised as ruminations about cheap ellectrix gear, 
did I?).

So I gots me mackie in a suitcase, with aux send 2 going into the
formant, and sub bus outs 3 & 4 going into the input of the warp
factory. Which means that any channel can be source; any channel can be

So here's what I do:  loops with droning vocals as source, also some
of Rick's dreaded robot pitch knob.

Microphone with cheap mic cable routed as formant, with channel turned
way up, but the sound only goes to the formant, not the mains.
Since the cable is cheap, any wiggling or tapping the cord or stepping
on it, or even doing the roger daltrey mic twirl, wil result in signal
being sent to the formant.

Now, I've got the "Source Kill" button turned on, so nothing goes
the vocoder until we get microphone cable glitches.

The result: really wild phunkly electronic rhythms spewed out of the
back of the vocoder. (Further warped by the filter queen's envelope
follower). Light taps make a super modulated dragon heartbeat; scratches
on the windscreen give grating blob texture; counterpoint by wiggling
the mic cord.

The biggest drawback: I'm using two hands to tap the mic & cables, so
forced to use my toes to tweak the warp factory's parameter knobs.

> I've got a mo-fx pre JamMan that is being synched by the midi clock of a
> Roland MC-307 (as is the JamMan)  The output of the JamMan gets put into 
> Vortex, that is synched off the LED of the Mo-FX.  (Thanks to my custom 
> Blink Synch courtesy of Industrial Toy Inc.) That all gets fed to a 
> mixer.  I've got both aux sends going to a Warp Factory.  That way, I can
> chose any channel to be the formant or the source for Vocoding.  The 
> are truly psychedelic.
> Mark Sottilaro