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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

Kim wrote:

>I have been known to enjoy a good southern bourbon
>now and then. With the good small batch stuff, it's
>gotta be neat too! Unless it's in a mint julep, of course.

Sorry to perseverate and continue this OT ETOH thread, but I have to add my
words of praise for the underappreciated mint julep.  Before ever trying 
I always thought of it as a the kind of delicate beverage that genteel
Southern ladies would politely sip at garden parties.  But years ago on a
visit to New Orleans I sampled one and was amazed by how strong it was!  
tasty.  A pleasant antidote to excessive heat and humidity.  I was sold.

I was later delighted to learn the derivation of the word "julep" -- coming
from Persian "gul" (rose) and "ab" (water).  In deference to the Eastern
origin of the word, if not the drink, I sometimes add a drop or two of
rosewater when making a mint julep.

As far as Scotch goes, you guys are all welcome to my share . . . I still
can't appreciate it.