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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

"James Pokorny" <j.pokorny@worldnet.att.net> put forth:

> Sorry to perseverate and continue this OT ETOH thread, but I have to add
> words of praise for the underappreciated mint julep.  Before ever trying
> I always thought of it as a the kind of delicate beverage that genteel
> Southern ladies would politely sip at garden parties.  But years ago on a
> visit to New Orleans I sampled one and was amazed by how strong it was!
> tasty.  A pleasant antidote to excessive heat and humidity.  I was sold.

And thus you begin to find the nature of the American Southern Woman, my
friend.  Soft and genteel on the outside, runs the works and kicks your ass
if necessary on the inside. :)