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Re: Octophonic sound system

  -Just wanted to add that Telarc has a pretty extensive catalog of DTS-5.1
titles.  -And, last year, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells was remastered for
DTS-5.1 as well.  As for eight channels, certainly, not many will have
capable systems yet,  but the friend I spoke of also creates mixes for
stereo, and I believe, both 5.1 and 6  channel systems as well.

  -And, in a somewhat different and much more immediately accessible form
of octophonic playback, there's apparently  an album from a band whose name
I unfortunatley can't remember at the moment, which consists of four CDs
which are all played back ALMOST simultaneously on four separate stereo
systems.  It's apparently quite the collector's item lately.  People have
parties based around it.  


The Damsel Deity

At 08:15 AM 7/12/01 +0100, you wrote:
>"James Hines" <jth3@webtv.net> put forth:
>>      As a recording medium, however, I would limit myself to either good
>> old stereo - or at most - a five channel surround system.
>Bingo, James - remember however that while the technology for DVD Audio is
>with us, there's no content out there to speak of, and therefore no
>awareness nor demand.  I was at DVD Europe a few months ago (as cartoonist
>for Medialine News, my sole paying job) and got a chance to talk to a load
>of people in this biz.  There's still a lot of debate on the value of DVD
>Audio, but it's primarily because the manufacturers/distributors over here
>want to concentrate on the video content, as if to not distract the 
>and collapse the market.  Yeah, typical paranoia - but most folks still do
>think that DVD means "Digital Video Disk", when the "V" is actually for
>Audio Source Tracks for DVD: Notes for Producers
>Making the Most of Audio Source Tracks for DVD
>The above are from Dolby's "Tech" page at http://www.dolby.com/tech/
>But wait!  There's more!
>>        In all reality, unless you listen to music sitting in the third
>> point of an equilateral triangle with two stereo speakers, you are still
>> better off listening to music in MONO.
>Ugh, I disagree, Homeboy!  Even in a car one can tell the difference 
>mono and stereo.  Have you ever investigated the idea of three-channel?
>Brian Eno put the setup for such a thing in the liner notes for "On Land",
>which alas are in storage with my vinyl in LA - but essentially it's such
>that you have a single speaker that's lower-impedance than your pair of
>other speakers, connected up so that one terminal is on the Left -, and 
>other on Right +.  What one gets out of that speaker is a "subtracted"
>sound, as he put it.  In combination with two speakers however, this
>produces a more "3D" result.  Eno wasn't the first to exploit this, 
>The original release of Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare" concert
>film in a select few theaters (before it hit the midnight circuit) used 
>same setup, with the third speaker in the back.  It was quite cheap to
>implement, and only required a third speaker and amp, and the wires to 
>it up.
>>        But if you MUST have more than stereo, many people ( Maybe a full
>> 5% of the population ?) in this country are now able to listen to music
>> back on a five channel surround system.
>Just about everyone who has a DVD player that's more than a PlayStation 2
>has it hooked up to a Surround-capable stereo system.  That would be 
>30% according to several folks I talked to at DVD Europe.  This is called 
>embryonic market, but as they all do, this will grow.  Warner Bros. 
>record company) just released a bunch of stuff on DVD Audio for the first
>time.  I think DVD Audio may well make for a richer listening experience,
>and provide a number of us on this list with some real money once it kicks
>in.  It's not just positive thinking to say "it's just a matter of time",
>and not much time at that.
>In closing it should also be remembered that both AC3 and 5.1 Surround are
>also playable on PCs for very little money, and that it's mainly the
>encoding right now that is expensive.  Someone's going to figure out how 
>make it cheaper, because I think a lot of producers and musicians really
>want to exploit this medium, for home AND theater use (and that includes
>Soundtracks too).
>Stephen Goodman
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