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Re: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record andinstantaneously play back from a keyboard

Dennis and Rick-

The echoplex already does all of these things! Use the sampler triggering

the interface is even simpler to use than you describe.

All of the multiple loops are already mapped to keyboard keys. You can set
the range with the LoopTrig parameter. All of the usual functions are also
mapped to keyboard keys so you can fully control the echoplex that way as
well. So for example, you can set all the echoplex button functions to your
left hand on the keyboard, and trigger all the loops with your right.

The SamplerStyle functions let you set how the loops are triggered by the
midi note on message. With "run", It just starts that loop and it keeps
going. with "one" it triggers the loop at the beginning and it plays once.
(it will retrigger if you hit the note again.) With "att" (attack) it will
play from the beginning as long as you hold the note down, and stop when
you release the key. (we are adding another one called "Sta" for start.
this will trigger the loop from the beginning and let it keep looping,
which we forgot to have before.)

The Velocity parameter lets you turn velocity sensitivity on or off, so how
hard you press the key on the keyboard controls the volume.

If you have AutoRecord turned on, triggering a loop that is empty will
start recording in it. So you press the key for that loop, it begins
recording. press it again, and it begins looping it. (or press another one
to end the record and jump to that, etc.)  So you can quickly record a
loop, then play it back by pressing it's key. You can play the other loops
be pressing their keys, and basically use the EDP like a sampler. (except
you can record all the stuff on the fly easily.)

I'm not set up to try it right now, but I think it samplemode=att and you
have autorecord on, you can press the key for an empty loop, and it will
record as long as you have the key pressed down. When you release, the
recording stops. Then you can play that loop each time you press the key
again, and it plays as long as you hold it. all the sample triggering and
other functions are available.

Of course, all the usual echoplex functions are live, so you can jump to
any loop and turn overdub in to add something to it. Or multiply it, insert
to it, replace something in it, undo, feedback control, reset it, reverse,
etc etc.

hope this helps,

At 7:38 AM -0700 7/12/01, Dennis Leas wrote:
>Hey, Rick, interesting that you should mention this.  I've been think of
>building something like this for my Kyma system.  Sort of an "Instantique
>Musique Concrete", eh?
>Here's the interface I've been thinking about so far -
>1) The beast is controlled via a standard MIDI keyboard.  (Velocity 
>is not necessary; it can be a cheapy.)  The lowest key functions as a
>RECORD/OVERDUB enable.  The next to the lowest key functions as a CLEAR.
>The other keys control particular loops.
>2) You record to a particular key (or loop), say middle C, by holding down
>the RECORD/OVERDUB key and pressing the key, middle C in this example.  
>record as long as the key is held.  Each key "holds" its own loop.
>3) After releasing the RECORD/OVERDUB key, whenenver you press middle C, 
>loop plays back.
>4) If a key already "contains" a loop, when you hold RECORD/OVERDUB and
>press the key again, you overdub onto the loop.  The loop length remains
>5) The next lowest key functions as a CLEAR.  You hold it down and press
>another key to erase the loop recorded to that key.
>6) It's polyphonic so you can play back multiple loops.
>Sound like fun?  Any comments are welcome.  For example, when triggering
>loop play back, should the recording playback (and loop) only while a key 
>held down?  Or should a press-and-release trigger playback of the entire
>Dennis Leas
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:22 PM
>Subject: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and
>instantaneously play back from a keyboard
>> Is anyone aware of a sampler (preferably inexpensive) that allows you to
>> sample an instrument and, instantaneously play that sample live from a
>> keyboard.    I am really interested in found sound and would love to be
>> to create keyboard samples that an audience could see were being created
>> then played in front of their faces by either a wind synth or a 
>> thanks,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)

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