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Re: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and instantaneously play back from a keyboard

Jeeze man- the things I still dont know about my EDP- I have to say I am
guilty of using it to about 10% of it's cababilities- Thanks for the info
Kim- Cliff
PS- How much would it cost to have a SmartMedia card retrofitted? (5 digit
response expected...)
----- Original Message -----
From: "Kim Flint" <kflint@loopers-delight.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and
instantaneously play back from a keyboard

> Dennis and Rick-
> The echoplex already does all of these things! Use the sampler triggering
> functions!
> the interface is even simpler to use than you describe.
> All of the multiple loops are already mapped to keyboard keys. You can 
> the range with the LoopTrig parameter. All of the usual functions are 
> mapped to keyboard keys so you can fully control the echoplex that way as
> well. So for example, you can set all the echoplex button functions to
> left hand on the keyboard, and trigger all the loops with your right.
> The SamplerStyle functions let you set how the loops are triggered by the
> midi note on message. With "run", It just starts that loop and it keeps
> going. with "one" it triggers the loop at the beginning and it plays 
> (it will retrigger if you hit the note again.) With "att" (attack) it 
> play from the beginning as long as you hold the note down, and stop when
> you release the key. (we are adding another one called "Sta" for start.
> this will trigger the loop from the beginning and let it keep looping,
> which we forgot to have before.)
> The Velocity parameter lets you turn velocity sensitivity on or off, so
> hard you press the key on the keyboard controls the volume.
> If you have AutoRecord turned on, triggering a loop that is empty will
> start recording in it. So you press the key for that loop, it begins
> recording. press it again, and it begins looping it. (or press another 
> to end the record and jump to that, etc.)  So you can quickly record a
> loop, then play it back by pressing it's key. You can play the other 
> be pressing their keys, and basically use the EDP like a sampler. (except
> you can record all the stuff on the fly easily.)
> I'm not set up to try it right now, but I think it samplemode=att and you
> have autorecord on, you can press the key for an empty loop, and it will
> record as long as you have the key pressed down. When you release, the
> recording stops. Then you can play that loop each time you press the key
> again, and it plays as long as you hold it. all the sample triggering and
> other functions are available.
> Of course, all the usual echoplex functions are live, so you can jump to
> any loop and turn overdub in to add something to it. Or multiply it,
> to it, replace something in it, undo, feedback control, reset it, 
> etc etc.
> hope this helps,
> kim
> At 7:38 AM -0700 7/12/01, Dennis Leas wrote:
> >Hey, Rick, interesting that you should mention this.  I've been think of
> >building something like this for my Kyma system.  Sort of an 
> >Musique Concrete", eh?
> >
> >Here's the interface I've been thinking about so far -
> >
> >1) The beast is controlled via a standard MIDI keyboard.  (Velocity
> >is not necessary; it can be a cheapy.)  The lowest key functions as a
> >RECORD/OVERDUB enable.  The next to the lowest key functions as a CLEAR.
> >The other keys control particular loops.
> >
> >2) You record to a particular key (or loop), say middle C, by holding
> >the RECORD/OVERDUB key and pressing the key, middle C in this example.
> >record as long as the key is held.  Each key "holds" its own loop.
> >
> >3) After releasing the RECORD/OVERDUB key, whenenver you press middle C,
> >loop plays back.
> >
> >4) If a key already "contains" a loop, when you hold RECORD/OVERDUB and
> >press the key again, you overdub onto the loop.  The loop length remains
> >unchanged.
> >
> >5) The next lowest key functions as a CLEAR.  You hold it down and press
> >another key to erase the loop recorded to that key.
> >
> >6) It's polyphonic so you can play back multiple loops.
> >
> >Sound like fun?  Any comments are welcome.  For example, when triggering
> >loop play back, should the recording playback (and loop) only while a 
> >held down?  Or should a press-and-release trigger playback of the entire
> >loop?
> >
> >Dennis Leas
> >-------------------
> >dennis@mdbs.com
> >
> >
> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
> >To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> >Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:22 PM
> >Subject: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and
> >instantaneously play back from a keyboard
> >
> >
> >> Is anyone aware of a sampler (preferably inexpensive) that allows you
> >> sample an instrument and, instantaneously play that sample live from a
> >> keyboard.    I am really interested in found sound and would love to 
> >able
> >> to create keyboard samples that an audience could see were being
> >and
> >> then played in front of their faces by either a wind synth or a
> >>
> >> thanks,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)
> >>
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