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Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

Here's the latest from Alto Music:

The first batch of 20 units is due to be delivered to them within the 
first week or so, and that group of customers should have already 
been notified about when to expect theirs. The next batch of 30 units 
will arrive shortly after that, and that group of customers will be 
also be notified, probably by this weekend. All existing orders will 
supposedly be filled by the end of this month.

Orders will be filled in the order they were received. The earliest 
orders on Alto's list date from last September, and they are being 
filled first. My own order was placed in February, so it will be 
fulfilled out of a subsequent batch.

The person handling the orders is named Jen, and it sounds like she 
has things well under control. There is probably no need to call Alto 
to pester them about your order, but I imagine that if you haven't 
heard from them by next week it would be appropriate to e-mail them 
at <altomusic@altomusic.com>

Jen told me that she can't announce the price until the units are 
actually in the store, but that it would be lower than the recently 
$525 quoted by other vendors.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202