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<unitygain> midsummer marathon-july 17&18

Title: <unitygain> midsummer marathon-july 17&18

come dock with the  
UG mothership
sitting pretty in the heart of  
Time Square
Chashama's "Theater 135" 135  West 42nd St

"re-vasion of the micro podz"
that's right...  we're here...  it's clear...  so get used to it...

2 sprawling programs of non-stop NY style 'electro-pod'  [ Live PA  ] performances...

during the mac expo ]

day one...
july 17th... "digital  vs. analog"

day two...
july 18th...  "analog  vs. digital"

30 of NY's finest electronic sound artists
running live digital, analog, and hybrid solo soundsystems
ponder the significance of such categories ---

within the
UG  integrated multi screen  realtime   livemix video matrix

7 hours per day:   7pm - 2am
with space to listen, look, & move
&  affordable refreshments on site

all  for a measley 10 $ per nite...  ( half price up to 9pm )

so stop by after the javits and purge your teklust...

mark c./ qpe / koosil-ja / christina wheeler / lucas ligeti / tom ritchford
/ nicolas mazet / keith strand / secret agent gel / daryll hell
/ urban rhythm / somatic  / teledubgnosis /  ylyptyk*
circuit redux

charles cohen / o.blaat / handheld soundsystem / karthik swaminathan
/ kid lucky / sporangia / yusuke yamamoto / matthew ostrowski
/ david lee myers / quasi sutro / criterion & doilly / geoff gersch
/ david sparks  / brian moran  / david linton

video krewe:
day one:
maze = nancy meli walker / vishwanath (owen) bush /
benton-C bainbridge
day two:
anney bonney / kurt ralske / benton-C bainbridge

unitygain  nyc's floating interactive platform for realtime electronic audio-visual performance   - now in it's third year  - brought to you by   the hausofouch.

everybody says they're doing it .... but nobody's doing it better... ]


please check  the website for late breaking lineup particulars...

or call :  
212 712 1350

"Every "object" presupposes the continuity of a flow, every flow, the fragmentation of the object. "
Giles Deleuze & Felix Guartari