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Gear For sale


First I would just like to thank everyone for thier informative

responses to my klien question, you helpled alot.

I was going to sell all this stuff for inflated prices on ebay but I will 
give you first shot

Here is my gear for sale list:

Custom 3ms Shound Shimmer Series built into a 2 space rack. Insane foot 
control and extra mod(3 curcuit bend)
The unmodded pedals would cost $700 and an long wait.
Rack for $400....Firm

  Octave Greek Mandolin 150$ ( a little sratched up but plays fine)

Vintage bowl back madolin with case 100$ paid 400$

Hand made mountian Dulcimer with case for 75$

G&l sc 2 guitar no case, has been recently professionally set up with 9's. 
this was my dedicated noise guitar(microcassetts through pus, smokey amp 
resting on strings,ect you get the idea)
but I replaced with a jerry jones. All yors for 200$, a steal. A few dings 
on body.

Peavey quadraphonic powered mixer. Five Channel Two XLR ins 2 aux sends. 
Each channel can be sent in varying amount to any of the 4 20watt powered 
outputs. Also has line outs.

Taking Offers for

198 Second EDP with foot controller mint in boxes with manual

50 Second Edp no Foot controller

Digitech PMC 10 footcontroller in box with manual and programmer

Roland Spv-355 Guitar Synthesizer

Please feel free to make me any offers including anything you might have 
trade throw in anything you can thing think of. I have had deals where I 
boke down over a couple of 1/4 cables.

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