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More Klein Questions

Hello agian list,

All of your help in regards to my klein questions was very informative and 
appreciated, but I have some more.

Some said that I wanted to have a real klein because of its authenticity. 
do really like klein but the cost and availibility make me think a copy 
could easily be had. Are the methods so refined and unique that they cant 
copied? How would a guitar that used the same woods, scale lenght, body 
shape and electronics sound any different than a klien? I am not being 
facetious I am really curious. Also dose anyone know much about klein  
costruction, I went to klien guitars a few months ago and Lorenzo was very 
nice just a little secretive about a few things (like how many they make a 
year and things like that)

Also I was thinking of getting a stienberger with transtrem until my klein 
gets here, and to see what I would like changed if I get a copy/hybrid of 
stienberger or klien.

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