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true stereo bypass pedal


Hey I have an item for sale that might be of interest to someone on the 
list. Basicly it is a stompbox pedal that I had custom made for me a while
ago. It is a true stereo bypass pedal. Originally a true bypass2 pedal but
modified to be either a true stereo a/b box or to bring a stereo signal in
or out of a stereo signal chain. It has stereo inputs, stereo poutputs then
2 sends and returns which can be brought out in and out of the signal chain
via one footwitch also has 2 leds. cool pedal if your using stereo gear. I
put it on ebay it's item Item # 1447809359 . It's not cheap , my reserve is
$160 and I paid more for it for the modifictions. It is a one of a kind
pedal. It's also in new condition.Ok just a thought....

denis taaffe