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Re: Whammy

why would you want less distortion and degredation?
i think that's a feature.
i still use and old ada pitch shifter (pitchtraq) mainly for the
way it messes up the signal...

> Hey Damon (and anybody else),
>     I have the Wh-1 red whammy and am trying to run both voice and line
> instruments into it (with an Art tube preamp before it).  I'm getting 
> a lot of degradation of the sound.
> Is there any way that you know of to get into these things and replace
> components with better sounding ones?
> I love this pedal and use it for all kinds of things.  It is especially
> awesome for faux industrial beatbox noises.  I even play a little dayglo
> green am radio (tuned to the noise in between stations) as a pitch 
> noise source to add to my grooves.
> Looper Max Valentino graciously lent me his morley a/b box so that I 
> bypass it when I wanted to during our tour but I'd love to have it do 
> it does with less distortion and degradation of the signal.
> Are they known for being noisy and dirty?
> yours,  Rick Walker