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Re: Whammy

Hey Damon (and anybody else),

    I have the Wh-1 red whammy and am trying to run both voice and line
instruments into it (with an Art tube preamp before it).  I'm getting quite
a lot of degradation of the sound.
Is there any way that you know of to get into these things and replace
components with better sounding ones?

I love this pedal and use it for all kinds of things.  It is especially
awesome for faux industrial beatbox noises.  I even play a little dayglo
green am radio (tuned to the noise in between stations) as a pitch bending
noise source to add to my grooves.

Looper Max Valentino graciously lent me his morley a/b box so that I could
bypass it when I wanted to during our tour but I'd love to have it do what
it does with less distortion and degradation of the signal.

Are they known for being noisy and dirty?

yours,  Rick Walker