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Mark wrote: 

> Your best bet is to to to www.electrixpro.com and see if there is a
> dealer listing.  If there isn't, I'm sure if you go to 51st St. in
> Manhatten (a little help on the cross street?) you will find about a
> dozen music stores, including Alex music and Rudy's (where I bought my
> first real guitar!)  They're not known for their "personal" service for
> smaller customers, but I bet you'll find a Repeater in at least one of
> the stores.  Have a big salty pretzel while you're there.  They're
> terrible, but it will help you with the NYC experience.

48th St!  Not 51st St.  48th St and Broadway, just off
Times Square.

I'd recommend Manny's, Sam Ash is just too big.  Not sure if
they carry Electrix products but would be surprised if they

NB:  if you are here in two weeks, the Repeater just might
not be there yet...



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