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Damn!  You're right.  Shit.  It's been so long...  What was I thinking of?
Every once and a while I miss ol' Manhatten.  Then I remember the snow.


Tom Ritchford wrote:

> Mark wrote:
> > Your best bet is to to to www.electrixpro.com and see if there is a
> > dealer listing.  If there isn't, I'm sure if you go to 51st St. in
> > Manhatten (a little help on the cross street?) you will find about a
> > dozen music stores, including Alex music and Rudy's (where I bought my
> > first real guitar!)  They're not known for their "personal" service for
> > smaller customers, but I bet you'll find a Repeater in at least one of
> > the stores.  Have a big salty pretzel while you're there.  They're
> > terrible, but it will help you with the NYC experience.
> 48th St!  Not 51st St.  48th St and Broadway, just off
> Times Square.
> I'd recommend Manny's, Sam Ash is just too big.  Not sure if
> they carry Electrix products but would be surprised if they
> didn't!
> NB:  if you are here in two weeks, the Repeater just might
> not be there yet...
>    /t
> --
> I am the wombat.