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New CD

<shameless self-promo>

Minus finally put out our 2nd CD, Dark Lit. It's not the unbridled 
free improv of our first disc from 1995, it's more composed, ranging 
from Krimson-ish odd metred stuff to almost metal to some funk and 
dub, with 22 seconds of jazz. Still plenty of improvisation, mostly 
instrumental, lots of guitar noise. Proof that looping and guitars 
doesn't necessarily have to equal ambient soundscaping:-)

Anyway, for more info:

also, listmember Roberto Battista has been kind enough to list it 
through the terrific UK-based distributor he runs, Rusty Robot :

As always, trade for other listmembers creative works are highly welcomed!

Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
http://www.newandimprov.com         improv@peak.org
                 Now Available: Minus: Dark Lit
"This is music all-consuming in its beauty and power"
                                -Jake TenPas OSU Daily Barometer