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Re: OT:OT:OT:Re: cd media

sorry for the OT of this, but if anyone out there is using a roland hard 
recorder (VS880 is what i've got, but i don't think the cd writing aspects 
the software has changed since then) with a *roland* que! drive...what cd 
have you had the best luck with?

so far i've used several, finding maxell's CD-R pro (with the thin case & 
blue "swirl" label) to be the most reliable...haven't had any problems 
with 'em
yet (and they're the only ones i can burn consistently at 2x with 
sooo annoyed because i bought a 30-pack of sony's *1x-16x* CD-R's by 
and almost every other one gets lunched, even if burn it at 1x....do you 
have similar experiences with sony CD-R media? what works best for you? any
cd-writing tips? (i've added enough coasters to my collection- now i need 
of rick walker's tiki sticks to go with...)

please respond off list if you wish.

thanks incredibly,

lance g.