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Live stereo looping (was Re: DON'T TRUST THE SOUND MAN)

> Looping performances tend to have a different aesthetic than the rock 
>band, and I'd want to do my mostest to carry off a stereo performance.  I 
>suspect that more subtle panning of select textures, using stereo panning 
>to create motion for some elements, and a fairly narrow spread for the 
>base elements of a peice might be the first tack I'd take.

I've found that for solo and ambient ensembles that stereo can be very 
effective. The venues for these types of performance are (generally) 
smaller than a large concert hall setting, so stereo fx are usually 
perceived as intended. 

For more active ensemble playing, I'm starting to believe that narrowing 
your stereo spread or even going mono 'localizes' your voice in the group, 
allowing for a bit more coherence and audibility. With everyone in stereo 
panned hard right and left (especially if it's a static thing with no 
panning motion), things sometimes get masked or are just harder to 
perceive (for me).

When you've got your looper and post processing all going through a Z Vex 
Fuzz Probe you'd better hope you've got the option to pan! 8- )  It's 
great when something sitting in a seemingly mono mix suddenly slides 
across the stage...