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---- Original Message -----
From: "circuithead" <circuithead_@hotmail.com>
> ...and there
> are even some who dont even play music at all!! God bless them!

   I've never made music, only looping samplaholic cacophany :-)  I also 
sound part time
for over 10 years as a hobby.  The FOH mix will usually be mono for the as
stated reasons,
but for one benefit show I did, *everything* was panned hard, even two
monitor submixes.
One act, Flowchart, does all sorts of live stereo loops and samples, 
artist wanted
stereo feeds from his Buchla Easel and effects.

    *No* sound mixer should abandon the console, they need to be on top of
the main and
monitor mixes.  Cueing via headphones *really* helped my get a handle on
what was really
coming off the stage.  I got compliments on that technique from singers and
KB players
alike.  It comes down to professionalism, even if the mix isn't that good,
the fact that the
mixer is trying (and present!) makes musicians feel more at ease.