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>     blues/rock guitar maestro Steve Pryor from tulsa,ok told me once 
>after i
>began working as a soundman that
>                                                      most soundmen are
>failed musicians.

thats not too bad, the bigger problem are the "succeded" roadies that 
never made music and cannot profit from their muscles to improve the 

Failed inventors also can be sound engineers. I did a lot of mixing 
while Gibson was taking its time to figure out where to manufacture 
the EDP next :-)
But the experiences may have been of importance:

>     *No* sound mixer should abandon the console, they need to be on top 
>the main and monitor mixes.

I agree. Once the basic sound is set up, I also walk through the area 
to get an idea about how everyone gets the sound. Especially at open 
air shows since often the mixing desk is above the ground and people 
sitting on the ground get a lot more bass.

>Cueing via headphones *really* helped my get a handle on
>what was really coming off the stage.

Also agreed. I use the phones about half the time so i can care for 
the public close to the speakers and balance vocal mixes by learning 
what each singer brings.


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